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Having done a lot of work on my swing with Jeff, I can now hit the ball further and straighter with less effort. Having been a slicer all my golfing life I can now draw the ball and understand how to do it. On my last two rounds I have shot 5 & 6 under my handicap.

Don, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

After only three lessons I've just taken 20 shots off my previous score. If I could two putt instead of three I could knock another 18 off too!

Richard, Marlow (02/07/2015)

I'm 56 years old, very fit, and have been playing golf for 30+ years without having any lessons. I had 6 indoor lessons with Jeff and he has been through my game from back to front. I can quite honestly say that all the things he has taught me have improved my game enormously and I would recommend anyone to try Jeff. Even the little bits that you struggle with like putting, chipping etc can be improved in a good environment.

Neil, Cookham (02/07/2015)