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A Big thank you to Jeff for fitting me into my new irons, the Wilson C300 forged are great looking and also great to hit. The big thing about the fitting were the shafts though, my old shafts were too weak, Jeff quickly put me into something much better for my swing and I'm now so much more consistent and more confident, and my scores are now starting to reflect this. He also changed the shafts in my wedges to go with the set. Great service and value, and I would certainly recommend Jeff to anyone looking for a fitting.

Simon Keedle, Reading (27/07/2019)

The reworked woods feel great, driving iron was a revelation and everything feel smooth, stable and effortless.  Thanks again Joe.

J OShay, Gerrards Cross (19/04/2019)

Just to let yiou know I played this afternoon after my MOT.  I Used my modified driver eight times, hit six fairways and in the semi twice.  Further more both the driver and 5 wood felt much easier to use. The chipping and Pitching were also an imporvement too!  Definately pleased I cam to see you, thanks for all your help.

B Pickles, Burnham (19/04/2019)

This is the second visit Jeff, first time to loft and lie an old set of clubs, this time to have a bespoke set of irons ( 4 to pw) custom made. The difference in my iron play is absolutely amazing, very few misshits and then they are only due to me trying to hit them to hard. I would heartily recommend using Jeff and his skills as master club maker to custom build a set for you, they will definitely change your game and they are no more expensive than off the shelf clubs. Well done Jeff and thank you Bob Jones

Bob Jones, Flackwell Heath (10/10/2018)

I've had lessons with Jeff for many years and dropped from 16 to 8 handicap which should be enough to merit 5 stars! Nice, relaxed style in a warm indoor room is a great way to learn. Jeff also pays attention to your clubs and it has been a big surprise how much difference a small tweak can make. Would recommend Jeff to anyone.

Mike Cawthra, High Wycombe (10/10/2018)

Jeff was recommended to me by word of mouth and I wasn't disappointed. He's a great coach and his studio is fantastic for analysing my swing. With his help I've been able to improve my game no end. Jeff also fitted my clubs for me and I wouldn't consider buying anything off the shelf now.

Nathan Lattimer, High Wycombe (10/10/2018)

Excellent service. My son's golf has improved beyond what I thought possible in the timescale. Jeff’s advice on clubs and “tweaks” to his current club set up is always valued and inevitability results in improved performance. I have recommended Jeff to a number of people and will continue to do so.

Ian Casserly, Beaconsfield (10/10/2018)

I have known jeff for 5 years or more , i was introduced to him by the captain of my club, he sorted out my clubs and tailored them for me , I had lessons with jeff over the years and he has helped me maintain my seniors hcp , he has helped my grandchildren and put them on the right path for a confident golf swing ,

Gordon Thomson, Maidenhead (10/10/2018)

I’ve been a high handicapper for three years, and decided last year to try to play to a better standard, by getting fit for clubs and getting lessons. I found Jeff from this website, and his patience and care when fitting me out were beyond compare. I ended up buying a set of Orka irons & wedges that immediately changed my game. I began hitting every club to a very much smaller dispersion, so that my short game improved dramatically. As did my confidence because I began to be able to rely on the clubs doing what I thought I was asking them to do. And all this before I started the lessons. Here’s a sincere thanks from a very satisfied client now playing with high quality clubs worth every penny.

Tony Smith, Ealing (06/04/2018)

I got seduced by the dark side of single length clubs. I visited Jeff as he has helped me in the past. He put together a set of Sterling single length clubs to my specification. all the clubs are the same weight with the same lie angle. I took them out for the first time on Sunday. They are lovely to hit, especially the longer irons that were longer and straighter than anything I have had before. Worth considering. If nothing else, get your Driver cut down. I have had about three inches taken off my R11s and I was hitting it further and straighter than ever

Andy Halsall, andy (08/05/2017)

Being a woman in golf if I ever went to get fitted for clubs I would be put straight into graphite ladies clubs. I am a single figure handicapper and have been playing for 14 years, Jeff fitted my clubs to my swing instead and I couldnt be happier with my lovely set of Orka RS10s I have since cut my handicap by 3 shots. The fitting process was of a very high standard and in-depth and would highly recommend getting fitted for a set of clubs with Jeff.

Lucy Matthews, Wycombe Heights GC (12/10/2016)

I was hooking all my new irons went to see Jeff adjusted all the lofts and lies now flying straight at the flags thank you Jeff.

Patrick Sweeney, Maidenhead (09/10/2016)

I have been seeing Jeff for a number of years and always keep on coming back. When I first started I was playing off 15 and am now down to 8. This is a combination of club fitting, indoor lessons and short game lessons. What Jeff cannot do is find me more time to play and practice! Now I have a 4 month old daughter so I fear that this could be as good as it gets for a while!!

Mike Cawthra, Henley (19/07/2016)

I could not understand what was happening to my drive. My R7 was a good club but I had upgraded to a Slider. No matter where I placed the weight I could not hit the ball. Within five minutes of arrival Jefff had diagnosed the problem. The shaft was oscillating so much that he congratulated me on ever striking the ball at all. He changed the shaft and and now if I don't middle it I know that it is my own fault. Since then he has changed the shafts in my irons and introduced me to a larger grip. Everything he has done has been of enormous benefit. If only he could sort out my elbows and knees I think that I could get back to 12 again. Ah! anno domini

Richard Tyner, Holyport (20/06/2016)

In the years I've been 'fitted' for many woods, irons and putters and as a whole received pretty inadequate service. The fitter always put me in the easiest option for the easiest sale without any real adjustments. This has often meant two years down the line I've had to buy new equipment as it wasn't working quite right. However, my fitting with Jeff was personal to my swing characteristics, my physical dimensions and my style of play. I've never played quite so consistently, and now I can feel what I've done wrong with a bad shot, where as before I was puzzled as it all felt okay. Good service, good communication and good quality.

Joe Joiner - Asst Pro, Wycombe Heights (09/06/2016)

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