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Hole in One Python Iron Fifth Hole at Copt Heath

Ray, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

I thought i must drop you a line on behalf of my 10 year old son Luke. Until we came to your studio for an overview of Luke's clubs and technique, Luke had only received guidance from his club Pro. You very quickly identified that his out to in swing-path was mostly due to his clubs being too long and heavy for him. In a matter of days you adjusted his clubs and carried out more analysis including lie checks. Together with your technical help and the fact that Luke was able to see his swing path on the screen, become in to out, he duly went off and won a junior tournament at his club two days later. I am pleased we found your Company and will turn to you as and when necessary. Luke would like to say that he is thrilled with his game as well as the Driver and two rescue clubs you built for him. Wee Wonders first round winner!

Ron, Surrey (02/07/2015)

two lessons and one new driver, I've added 30 yards to my drives and finding the fairway!!

Clive, Henley (02/07/2015)

I booked my first lesson with Jeff having lost distance and accuracy after a back problem and consequently my handicap was slowly increasing. I'd seen other coaches but Jeff's methods and equipment offered me a better understanding of what I was doing and how to improve. After three lessons I've regained my lost distance and accuracy and I know I have the potential to improve my game still further with Jeff's help. My new custom irons are working well for me with my new swing.

Debbie, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

following one lesson and a small change to my equipment I played the best round of my life.

David, Marlow (02/07/2015)

100% improvement in my putting

Malcolm, Marlow (02/07/2015)

I was struggling for consistancy making many changes not sure what I was doing wrong. Saw the ad and decided to give Jeff a call. I am happy to write this testimonial because Jeff quickly recognised my problem areas and identified the parts of the game which needed some work. Four months on and I won my first medal. Not to say everything is perfect but when I make a bad swing I now know why...that is the difference! Many thanks, keep up the good work.

Chris, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

My new custom fitted driver is 20 yards longer, has a nice high flight and I'm finding 7/10 fairways.

Vic, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

I saw the advert for Hatton Golf School before xmas and often thought about going along, finally phoned at the end of february and booked an hour lesson for that afternoon. The lesson actually lasted an hour and a half and I learnt a hell of a lot about golf club technology and the fact my clubs were totally wrong for my game. The grip size, shaft length and reg flex were all wrong, making three changes particualary to X flex was quite daunting. Jeff could see my dilemma so did the 6 iron for me to try out. The next day I was on the phone getting the whole set done.the ball flying much straighter and penetrating. Two days later I picked them up, I feel my game has gone to a new level. What I got off Jeff was a much better understanding of the game technically and would not hesitate to recommend Hatton Golf to anybody from a beginner to a scratch golfer. When you go along you won't be pushed into buying anything you don't want or can't afford which is very refreshing as I left thinking I had underpaid for the service I received. The clubs are fantastic!

Gary 4 Handicap, Slough (02/07/2015)

With my new driver shaft fitted I first had a few bad shots but played quite well afterwards. As recommeneded I tried to improve my set up and it seems making a difference with less slices !! Thanks

Suki, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

During my recent driver MoT I mentioned that I found it difficult to gain much height and therefore carry, off the tee, with the driver. You may recall that after studying my address you immediately advised me of some suitable changes, that impromptu piece of advice has worked wonders for me. I shall be forever grateful to you.

Ray, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

Just thought you would like some feedback following the indoor lesson I had with you. I still struggle off the tee...but am much better with the Irons now. Last weekend I shot 38points in the monthly stableford and got cut to 13.4!. Better than that yesterday (off the yellows mind) ...Gross 74 at Wycombe, out in 36 back in 38. Thanks again for the good tips during the lesson & I'll see you soon.

Chris, Slough (02/07/2015)

Have been working with Jeff for the past few months on all aspects of the long and short game. First time out this year I had five pars and a birdie.

Darrell 24 H/C., High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

I've been working with Jeff for about a year now and although I've only made minor changes the confidence in my swing has greatly increased. Jeff also has a lot of knowledge about clubs and swing speeds and has put 25 yards on my drives. Combine my new confidence together with expert advise on clubs and technology and the result is a handicap reduction from 10.5 to 7 .

Nick, Bourne End (02/07/2015)

Thoroughly enjoyed the video lesson . Being told what you are doing is one thing, seeing it is another. The side by side Pro/Am comparison is very helpful. Being an analytical person it was good to learn about swing speeds, club-face angles and swing paths. Would recommend anyone to get a video lesson.

Cameron, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)