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The studio is the perfect place for Golfers to learn, no outside distractions and expert 1-2-1 tuition.  We cater for all, from the complete beginner to the Tour Player, all standards are welcome. Please Note: we no longer offer lessons for LEFT handed players

Using Video (Swing Catalyst) and Launch Monitor (Foresight GC2) Technologly we can explain very simply where the problem lies and what effect swing changes will have.  The learning process is simplified and the instruction clear and concise.  If you really want to understand your swing, contact us today!

The studio offers a climate controlled no distractions environment, coaching is on a one to one basis with your own personal Master Teaching Professional. The studio is equipped with the latest GC2 & HMT Launch Monitor technology where you can play a number of different courses or just use the driving range. Using this system is the best teaching aid affordable to the all players not just Tour Pros. You will learn more about your swing and its performance in 30 minutes than spending hours on a wet and windy range!!!!


Always ask what the customer wants and keep the instruction simple. Start with the Set-Up, it is the foundation of your swing.  Quickly Identify the Cause, the Effect will improve with the correct practice; Where the ball goes is a direct consequence of the swing performance, by measuring the ball we can establish what needs correcting in the swing; Incorrectly fitted equipment will cause as many problems as a poor swing; Reduce your handicap by improving your weaknesses

Using our GC2 launch monitor we can measure and record; back spin, side spin, Launch angle, Face angle, Face Impact, Swing path, Azumith, total spin, swing speed, ball speed, total distance, carry distance, clubface closure rate, offline distance, dispersion mapping. We also offer a gap and ball testing service; how far does each club go? what is the performance difference between different types of balls? We also use twin video technology, putting you up on the big screen really is the best way to understand and learn!

See our testimonials page for quotes from very satisfied customers:

If you are an experienced player and want to know exactly what the club is doing at the critical moment IMPACT then this is for you too! Our technology will help you understand how to improve your game. Walk away with an invaluable understanding of your swing and how its relates to the ball flight.

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